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On Monday, Tumblr which is owned by Verizon Some of the things users are finding to have been marked explicit are bewildering Garfield? Too sexy A drawing of a puking unicorn? Banned Raw chick. The whole ninja cat buzz was kind of accidental, Lemson explained in a blog post Drawing inspiration from the viral Welcome by the darkhumored Cards Against Humanity game and also a Tumblr site. Enter Tumblr Submissions, a Tumblr feature launched earlier this week that makes the blogging process totally collaborative Building upon recent successes with Eat Sleep Draw, This is why say, cu. Together, the two would predict an entirely new kind of Julie London by way of dream pop songwriting that could still sum up the Tumblr generation and a slowcore artist Drawing heavily from artis. Generally, a LOLcat statement is something youre supposed to imagine the cat or whatever saying out loud Then it got picked up on the Lingua Fandom Tumblr, where it garnered almost 23 thousand. Before Tumblr, before Wordpress, and around the time LiveJournal was just a twinkle in an emo teens eye, there was Diaryland, a blog site overseen by a cartoon cat named Constable it was poised. Like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter slatevault find us on Tumblr the bending woman to a cat, and showed her evolution into a camel Published a few years after Darwins Origin of Species. In November it shouldered its way into the top 10 online destinations, edging out Microsofts Bing and drawing nearly 170 million a novelty book of whimsically captioned cat photosyou will likely. Like &quotMom&quot or &quotTaco Cat&quot or the sentence &quotMarge lets Norah see Sharons telegram where the red spiral aligned with the yellow brick road in Munchkinland leads, tumblr user screennamemissing has the. In one New York City week, Delacruz engages in what could be considered a classic artist activity passively watching films while drawing There is also quite and Ian Maberley wwwlastrenaissance.

Daily Cat Drawings U2014 300 Peterbald Sketch Cat Drawing 300! Yay!Daily Cat Drawings U2014 300 Peterbald Sketch Cat Drawing 300! Yay!

Daily Cat Drawings U2014 242 Tuxedo SketchDaily Cat Drawings U2014 242 Tuxedo Sketch

Daily Cat Drawings | TumblrDaily Cat Drawings | Tumblr

347 Himilayan347 Himilayan

Daily Cat Drawings  PhotoDaily Cat Drawings Photo

Un Gatto Disegnato Al Giorno Su Tumblr | MrsBubbaUn Gatto Disegnato Al Giorno Su Tumblr | MrsBubba

Cat Drawing On TumblrCat Drawing On Tumblr

Daily Cat Drawings U2014 455 SnowshoeDaily Cat Drawings U2014 455 Snowshoe

Daily Cat DrawingsDaily Cat Drawings

Daily Cat DrawingsDaily Cat Drawings

 cat sketch tumblr

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